Welcome to Bagz of Bugz - Personalised party and promo products!

Our website is currently closed but don't worry, you can still find us at www.facebook.com/bagz.of.bugz ! 

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‚ÄčOur Facebook page lists all our products along with prices and more details.

You can browse hundreds of design ideas and then simply pop us a message over and we will be happy to help!

Our range includes mini love hearts, chocolates, polo mints, candy lipsticks, magnets, keyrings, coasters, Words of Wisdom cards, scratchcards, message bugs, labels, baby prediction cards, loyalty cards and more!


We have added so many products to our range that our website is now out of date and needs updating!


You can still contact us by email at info@bagzofbugz.co.uk

or via our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/bagz.of.bugz

Thank you for your patience.